Collaboration with Jennifer Collier

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Collaboration with Jennifer Collier

Inspired by pictures on my blog of my ever growing collection of vintage cards of hooks and eyes and press studs, Jennifer sent me an excited tweet about an idea for us to collaborate on a project. She would make jewellery boxes from the old cards that I had stripped of hooks and eyes into handmade boxes and I would make some new pieces to complement them. Here you can see the fruits of our labour made especially to show at the British Craft Trade Fair earlier this week in Harrogate. Both of us are from a textile background, I use wire like thread and Jennifer, paper as fabric.


For more of Jennifer Collier's amazing paper creations go to or - Jennifer's gallery and studio space outside Stafford. I will be exhibiting  there later in the year and also running a workshop too.

New Vintage Noir Chandelier earrings

New Vintage Noir chandelier earrings...yet to be christened!

I'm really pleased that Jennifer started this ball rolling as I have loads of ideas for new designs which is really exciting, I just need to find the time to experiment now!

New Vintage Noir 3D chandelier earrings

New Vintage Noir 3D chandelier earrings in custom made box

New hook and eye bracelet

New Vintage Noir hook and eye bracelet

New hook and eye chandelier necklace April 2012

New Vintage Noir hook and eye chandelier necklace displayed on a 1930s box (full) of old Newey's cards of hooks and eyes.



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    hi i love this are or picture it's super and i love it so much and i would wnat to know if someone can be a teacher to me and teach it to me. bye good day remeber my name and don't forget me my name is priyanka sroa :)

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