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  1. Busy Bee!

    Ok, so I've counted up what I've done this year and it's no wonder I'm tired! A total of 10 gallery exhibitions, 13 craft fairs,  2 trade fairs, 1 arts trail and 1 workshop! And that's if I've remembered them all phew...! (Note to self - not so much in 2012!)

    I've been all over the UK from London to Manchester, Cumbria to South Wales, Yorkshire to Derbyshire and beyond. I've made new maker friends and caught up with others, met customers new and old, and generally enjoyed all of it (except perhaps packing up before a big show and loading and unloading the car!)

    Stands at GNCCF

    GNCCF in Manchester, October

    I've exhibited in some fabulous venues from St George's Hall in Liverpool to the Assembly Rooms in Bath

    St Georges hall

    St George's Hall, Liverpool

    Beyond the events...

    A few of the other highlights of the year.

    January - Top Drawer, Earls Court brought in international orders and my Vintage Noir Collection was featured in one of the trend stands designed by Trend Bible

     Trend Bible

    March - I started work on my Vintage Lace Collection.

    Vintage Lace Collection

    April - I was thrilled to be featured in Craft and Design magazine! Click here to read the article.

    C&D magazine June 2011

    May - My Vintage Noir jewellery experienced time travel! Part of the Revolution Shop project at Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire.

    Revolution Revolution detail

    Lady Jane Cavendish wears my Alessandra earrings!

    June - The British Museum started selling my Vintage Collection in their Grenville Room shop!

    Vintage button pendant

    Sometime in the summer - I'm not sure when! I started tweeting, and before that blogging.

    July - My nephew Patrick was born!


    October - Launch of my new website, after many hours of  image editing, uploading and endless tweaking...!


    November - Too many events, but lots of lovely customers with great reactions and comments on my jewellery. Thanks! Article in Jewellery Focus magazine.

    Jewellery Focus Extract

    December - More mentions for my jewellery in Gift Focus, Attire Accessories and even a tiny picture of my Alessandra earrings in Elle!


    Elle magazine Ad.

    Looking back....

    Thanks to all my customers new and old. Also to the other makers who I've met throughout the year for their support and the invaluable experience sharing that goes on when we get together over a glass of wine or two after a long day exhibiting!

    Thanks to the friends who put me up and feed me when I travel around the UK to events, also to my boyfriend Steve who has put up with an overtired girlfriend this winter. Finally to Sarah Richman for her work promoting my jewellery and nudging me in the right direction.

    Things have definitely moved up a gear for the business, and finally all that hard work I've been putting in since 2004 seems to be paying off. I'm looking forward to a busy 2012, with perhaps more work/life that possible when you are self employed?

    Happy New Year!

  2. The other day I had an excited text from a jeweller friend, saying she had just read a great article about my jewellery in this month's Jewellery Focus magazine. Naturally I got straight on the phone to them for a copy! Read the article in full by clicking here.

    Jewellery Focus cover  Page 1 Alternative Materials 
    page 2 Alternative Materials Jewellery Focus Extract

    The article features three makers who don't use traditional materials to produce their work. One of the other makers, Kate Hamilton Hunter recycles old biscuit tins into lovely jewellery. Earlier this year our stands were near each other at Top Drawer, in fact there were a few of us who became friendly and have made sure that we are next to each other next year too!