The Colour Inspired Project - Part Two

Part One....2019

Last year, I asked people to send me pictures of their favourite outfits to inspire me to make bespoke jewellery to match. You can see Claire's finished piece and inspiring skirt in bright fuchsia pink and lime green here.


Free Bespoke Jewellery!

I just love colour! This pictures shows jewellery I've made for myself inspired by my dress to complete my outfit.

I want to make more jewellery inspired by YOU or somebody you love.

You could have a bespoke piece of jewellery or set made just for you, or your loved one, to match something in your wardrobe, perhaps a favourite top, dress, outfit or even a scarf.

Check out my Collections for an idea of my style, the examples here are from my Geometric Collection, but that's not my only style!

How to take part

I need you to send me a photo of your favourite outfit, top or dress that you'd like me to be inspired by to make jewellery to match. You can be wearing it, or you can just take a detail of the colours or pattern, just try to take it in good light - daylight is best, even indoors.

  • You can also nominate somebody else, perhaps somebody you are missing at the moment, or somebody who needs a boost. Just send a photo of them in their favourite outfit.
  • You can enter more than once with different outfits, or for yourself and nominate a friend if you like.
  • Use the form at the bottom of the page to send me your details, you have until Sunday 31st May 2020. If you have any problems with the form, just email your photo/s to [email protected]


Free? There must be a catch!

I'll be choosing at least two people to make some bespoke Colour Inspired piece/s for and if you are chosen then you'll need to be happy to take photos of yourself wearing the outfit and your new jewellery that I can share on my website and social media. I'd love it if you were happy to show your face in the photo, but if not, then a photo like the neck and shoulders one above will work just as well.

I'll be in touch with you if you, or your nominee are selected and I'll discuss my ideas with you before I start making, but I'll be asking you to put your trust in me as a designer with lots of experience to make the final decision for the jewellery I'll make for you if you are chosen. In Part One of this project I concentrated on my Geometric Collection - but this time I'm leaving it open, check out my jewellery collections to see the range of my styles.

Why are you doing this?

Now that our world has been turned upside down by Covid -19 I wondered what I could do to give something back and spread a little happiness. Plus, I'm finding a world without deadlines and a little hard to deal with! All my events have been cancelled and though I have lots of other things to be doing I'd really like a fresh creative project to work on!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you send me for inspiration!

Colour Inspired Project Entry
  • If selected I agree to::
  • I have read the information provided about the project on this page and am happy to take part on the basis outlined. :