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Inspired by one of my customers, Kate, and her colleague Kat, (scroll down to read more of their story) this collection of rainbow jewellery is designed to share a little hope during the current Covid-19 crisis. 30% of every sale will be donated to the mental health charity Mind


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The Colour Inspired Project Happy News!

A few weeks ago I received a photo for my Colour Inspired Project from Kate, a regular customer from Yorkshire. Unbelievably it took me a a day or so before the penny dropped as to what I HAD to make for her. Then I couldn't wait until the end of the project so I made her the first Rainbow Semi Circle Necklace as a surprise.

Rainbow Kate

I sent her a photo of it & asked her to tell us more about her experience in the NHS at the moment. She also nominated her friend Kat, for the reasons you'll read about here, so I also sent a pair of earrings to Kate so she can surprise Kat too. We've had a lovely exchange of emails and it's been a bit emotional for me too, it's very easy to get stuck in your own little bubble of how you are experiencing this emergency, especially when you are safe at home.

Anyhow this is Kate's email to me.....

"Thank you so much for this - I am a little taken a back, the necklace is beautiful ! Absolutely stunning , I can’t thank you enough. I will wear it with pride and the meaning behind the rainbow is very close to me heart. I have a few of your earrings and necklaces and truly love your work.

I am a paediatrician working in West Yorkshire. I love my job and feel incredibly privileged to be able to do what I do especially now. My role is separated between the paediatrics admission unit/ward and manning deliveries/ special care baby unit and the postnatal ward. Essentially looking after the poorly children and babies. At present we are on an emergency rota which means doing intense blocks of LD shifts with a few days off in between for recovery.

I owe a world of debt to my team who are simply outstanding . Without them rallying around us all each day and supporting each other we would be emotionally and physically drained.
The consultants , nurses , ANNPs, health care workers , cleaners , porters , radiologists and my paediatric colleagues always have a smile and the kettle on the boil.

I really hope when we come out of this , which will be a while, the public remembers how much the NHS workers dug in their heals and ultimately without a second thought made huge sacrifices for their patients and the government can see that it should stop deconstructing and demoralising this incredible service.

Please stay at home. I don’t care if it is sunny or you are fed up with the four walls that surround you daily are becoming a prison. We just want you so be safe. Please support us so we can care for you.

My final comment is to nominate my close friend and someone I admire with upmost regard - My registrar Dr Kat Cooke for this also. I have never seen someone work so hard or so tirelessly. She is inspirational and actually a hero to me. She is an excellent doctor but finds time to boost team morale, check in and care for us all and I think she needs a shout-out."

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